low energy solar lighting

solar lighting

Solar & Wind Power Systems

We don't just sell lights, we provide solutions. You let us know the outcome you would like to achieve and we will provide a lighting solution using LED technology that will achieve if not greatly exceed your expectations. We will save you 60% plus on your lighting energy bill and in the most part eliminate the costly maintenance costs of replacement of failed lamps.

When it comes to critical asset lighting that MUST be working, you owe it to yourself and to your company to take advantage of LED technology.

When it comes to workshop or warehouse lighting, LED can be switched on and off as many times as you like. When you turn them on, they are full brightness immediately. No loss of time waiting for thelights to come up to full brightness and higher light levels compared to traditional lighting types.

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 water tanks


Water Tanks & Treatment

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group is a company with extensive GROUP experience in water tank, water treatment and contaminated site remediation projects. We provide design, manufacture and installation of water tank systems, water treatment systems and offer joint venture manufacturing opportunities to the Australia-Asia region and other world markets.

We seek to work with companies and government agencies to investigate opportunities, carry out feasibility studies, provide design and engineering consultancy to potential projects and bring together the overall projects including product procurement and installation, project management and training of local personnel in the operation of the final project infrastructure.

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led safe

Led Safe

led safety Products

Be Safe - Be Seen - LED Safe

Don't be a statistic

What are your loved ones really worth..??

When you break down and need to be seen, you can rely on your new LED Triangle.

To many time we hear about serious incidents or near misses, when people are broken down and moving around their vehicle, or changing a tyre on the road side, it is imperative that they are clearly visible to coming motorists.

NOW, with the new LED Safe LED triangle, this is a reality and you can be confident your loved ones are safely visible while they wait for help.

Don't take the chance, BE SAFE - BE SEEN with the LED Safe LED triangle

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